Chairman - Steve Humphrey

I have been diving since 1977 having started as a lad of 17.


My first BSAC club was Ogwr, near Bridgend which dived mainly in West Wales but also made regular trips to Cornwall, Devon and Gower.


Since then I have been a member of several other clubs and have held committee positions, such as diving officer, boat officer and equipment officer.


I started commercial diving in 1979 as an inshore diver and worked my way up via North Sea training to saturation diver and saturation supervisor with work taking me all over the world.


I love to dive, be it in a pond or in the oceans of the world.  I am happy to go on great diving trips, like Bikini Atoll or the Great Barrier Reef or just out on our local seas from the Gower round to Aberporth. Further off shore we go to the Smalls, which is a set of rocks about 25 miles out, and Lundy in the Bristol Channel.


I enjoy taking new divers to experience marine life like seals pulling your fins and kissing you or dolphins playing around the boats or swimming with the whale shark.

But I am a wreck diver at heart, diving on the remains of submarines, trawlers, cargo ships, passenger liners, sailing ships, battleships and aircraft carriers.


I am interested in anything under water, like photography, underwater videoing, marine archaeology, and even litter picking off the seabed (as seen on TV!)


I am a first class diver, Open water instructor, and have attended many other courses such as boat handling, VHF, Oxygen therapy, first aid, etc.


I have dived all over the place with work and sports diving, for example North Sea, Middle East, Vietnam, China, Black Sea, Caribbean, Bikini atoll on the atomic fleet, Red Sea, France on the Normandy wrecks, Scapa  Flow, Scilly Isles, Malin Head Ireland and the Great Barrier Reef.


I am now a closed circuit rebreather diver and use mixed gases for deep dives when needed. I have my own RIB and surveying equipment to allow seabed surveys for new wrecks.