Training Officer - Tracey Schofield

My name is Tracey, I have been diving since 1996 (with a gap in between of 8 years while being a horse owner - you just can't do both!!)  I'm a BSAC Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor, I am a member of Ammanford Sub Aqua Club as it is quite possibly the most active and friendly club that I have come across yet... I may be slightly bias though.....I am a committee member (someone has to be) current position of Training and Equipment Officer... yes, I just can't resist nice shiny blingy new Kit!!

I have dived all over the world, dived with various Sharks, Rays and Colin! :-D but just love the UK for it's unpredictable visibility and awesome critters.. there really is always something new to see!


I favour reefs with plenty of life but just as happy to dive wrecks- coz there is so much life on them too!! I enjoy underwater photography when time and opportunity permits... I simply can't ever imagine going through life without ever having seen the world and it's inhabitants underneath the ocean waves.... :-)